I'm trying to get this popup expression to work in ArcGIS Online using ArcGIS Arcade.

if ($feature["Road_Work_Ahead_Deployed"] >= 1){
    return "Road Work Ahead Deployed: " + $feature["Road_Work_Ahead_Deployed"]
+ TextFormatting.NewLine + 
if ($feature["LCA_Velcro_Deployed"] >= 1){
    return "LCA Velcro: " + $feature["LCA_Velcro_Deployed"]

I do something very similar in ArcMap using VBscript but I can't seem to make it work in ArcGIS Arcade. Is it possible to chain statements together like this in one expression?

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Define a string variable, build it out, and return it at the end, instead of multiple returns:

var result = ""
if ($feature["Road_Work_Ahead_Deployed"] >= 1){
    result += "Road Work Ahead Deployed: " + $feature["Road_Work_Ahead_Deployed"]

if (($feature["Road_Work_Ahead_Deployed"] >= 1) && ($feature["LCA_Velcro_Deployed"] >= 1)){
    result += TextFormatting.NewLine
if ($feature["LCA_Velcro_Deployed"] >= 1){
    result += "LCA Velcro: " + $feature["LCA_Velcro_Deployed"]
return result
  • Thank you this is perfect, instead of the second if statement though I'll add the line break into the result for each statement. I need to add more if statements than just the two I posted as an example.
    – Ryan
    Commented Sep 7, 2022 at 16:38

You can use the IIf() function and return an empty string ("") or null when the condition is false, and use Concatenate() to join both terms (although the + operator also works):

var var1 = $feature["Road_Work_Ahead_Deployed"]
var str1 = IIf(var1 >= 1, "Road Work Ahead Deployed: " + var1, null)

var var2 = $feature["LCA_Velcro_Deployed"]
var str2 = IIf(var2 >= 1, "LCA Velcro: " + var2, null)

return Concatenate([str1, str2], TextFormatting.NewLine)
//OR: return str1 + TextFormatting.NewLine + str2

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