Totally new to GIS and could use a hand. I have a database table tracks containing ADS-B data stored in a Postgres database. Each record has the following columns:

id, unix_time, latitude, longitude, altitude

I know I can select all records within some lat and lon using the ST_Within function. However, how do I deal with altitude? Is it enough to first filter using ST_Within, and then only select the points that lie within some defined altitude range? Or, is there another way I should be approaching this (i.e., taking the ellipsoid nature of the Earth into consideration)?

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These are the 3d functions available to you:

ST_3DClosestPoint — Returns the 3-dimensional point on g1 that is closest to g2. This is the first point of the 3D shortest line.

ST_3DDistance — For geometry type Returns the 3-dimensional cartesian minimum distance (based on spatial ref) between two geometries in projected units.

ST_3DDWithin — For 3d (z) geometry type Returns true if two geometries 3d distance is within number of units.

ST_3DDFullyWithin — Returns true if all of the 3D geometries are within the specified distance of one another.

ST_3DIntersects — Tests if two geometries spatially intersect in 3D - only for points, linestrings, polygons, polyhedral surface (area).

ST_3DLongestLine — Returns the 3-dimensional longest line between two geometries

ST_3DMaxDistance — For geometry type Returns the 3-dimensional cartesian maximum distance (based on spatial ref) between two geometries in projected units.

ST_3DShortestLine — Returns the 3-dimensional shortest line between two geometries

It sounds like you are trying to get points within a 3d line or 3d polygon? If so, you should be able to use st_3dintersects to test which points intersect the 3d surface/line.

You can also play with N-D indexes, which use the coordinate dimension of the geometry instead of the standard 2D index. You create that using gist_geometry_ops_nd like this:

CREATE INDEX nyc_streets_gix_nd ON nyc_streets
USING GIST (geom gist_geometry_ops_nd);

Once you have the N-D indexes, you can do bounding box queries with the &&& operator.





  • Yes, I want to get all points within a 3D polygon. st_3dintersects might be the way to go, thanks. If I wanted to instead get all points within a certain radius of another point, am I correct in assuming that ST_3DWithin would be the function needed?
    – pookie
    Commented Sep 7, 2022 at 17:44
  • Yes, but it's st_3ddwithin - 2 D's for 3D Within Distance
    – jbalk
    Commented Sep 7, 2022 at 19:42

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