I am trying to plot (show data on interactive map) ERA 5 daily averaged Precipitation, but I can't figure out how can I plot for a specific region (bounding box)? The map shows the data for the whole world, but I am interested in plotting data for a specific region.

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    When you say “plot”, do you mean you want to create a chart/graph, or do you only mean you want the interactive map to not show data outside of a certain region? Please edit your question to clarify this, and include the code you have so far.
    – Kevin Reid
    Sep 9 at 22:01
  • Yes I want the interactive map to show data only for the region and not outside of it.
    – Muhammad
    Sep 10 at 3:42

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Call ee.Image.clip on your image with the region. This will mask off all of the pixels not within the region.

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