I have a vector layer. It's defined with rule based labeling.

I need to control the rules to turn on / off programmatically.

How to do it?

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Using QGIS 3.28 on a layer that already has rule based labeling active, this works:

layer = iface.activeLayer()
ruleList = layer.labeling().rootRule().children()
for rule in ruleList:
    if rule.description() == 'my description':  # the description you set for the rule
        rule.setActive(False)  # False turns rule off, True turns rule on

If you didn't set a description for all rules, you could also check the filter expression:

if rule.filterExpression() == '"feed_type" = 2':

Another approach could be to use the unique rule identifier obtained by ruleKey() on the Rule itself, save a reference to it somewhere and use it later to find the rule again using findRuleByKey(), but I haven't tested it. If you would like to dig into it, check out the API for QgsRuleBasedLabeling

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