I'm trying to use a standalone snap agent. Is that not possible?

Here's some code:

        // instantiate these agents.
        _snapSupportAgent = new FeatureSnapClass();
        _snapSupportAgent.FeatureClass = _parcelSplitLine;
        _snapSupportAgent.HitType = esriGeometryHitPartType.esriGeometryPartBoundary;

        _snapParcelAgent = new FeatureSnapClass();
        _snapParcelAgent.FeatureClass = _parcelSplitLine;
        _snapParcelAgent.HitType = esriGeometryHitPartType.esriGeometryPartBoundary;

Later on code:

        var newPoint = new PointClass();

When I do that, I get a nasty protected memory exception. I'm editing directly to a IWorkspaceEdit, without interference of the IEditor.

  • Did you try using IEngineSnapAgent instead? There's a sample here. – Kirk Kuykendall Dec 15 '12 at 17:20
  • I'll try that, but it's not an engine application. It's working under a custom form with a AxMapControl, true, but it's not ArcEngine... – George Silva Dec 17 '12 at 14:23

I can't find the documentation now, but AFAIK, Snapping can only be done using the ISnapEnvironment Interface via the IEditor.

The IFeatureSnap is used in two kinds of cases: Defining a custom snap agents or accessing the snap agents in the snap environment. It is the snap environment which actually does the snapping.

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