I've been running into an issue on all of my workspaces as of late where the links to random features are broken. I check the source through the layer properties and connect to the EXACT same path when repairing the links. I have no issues with reconnecting or "repairing" the broken links, however it gets annoying when every morning when I load up the same work space I have to repair the broken links before starting my day (I save after I repair these broken links almost every morning). I always have relative paths set on all my MXDs and have checked to make sure it didn't somehow get turned off. Not sure if this is just a bug in the company server or if it's user error.

Anyone have any ideas?

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Reset your application profile by shutting down ArcGIS. Rename your normal.mxd to old.mxd. Restart ArcGIS.

Unfortunately this will require you to reset data paths, menus, and re-add custom toolboxes.

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