I am trying to get the landscape metrics corresponding to a set of firescars, using the R package "landscapemetrics". The total wildfire data set encompasses around 1,000 fire scars, represented by polygons obtained using Google Earth Engine. When calculating the metrics, several polygons with values ​​far from 100% appear in the percentage_inside column. Searching I found this:

The size of the actual sampled landscape in %. It is not always 100% due to two reasons: (i) Clipping raster cells using a buffer not directly intersecting a raster cell center lead to inaccuracies and (ii) Sample plots can exceed the landscape boundary

In this case I think it is something related to the first reason. Is there any way I can fix this in R, or should I just skip these polygons and just keep those with values ​​closer to 100%?

This is an example of a firescar with a low value, but there are some that reach 20%

  • Please decide whether it is R, ArcGIS Pro or ArcMap that you wish to ask about in this particular question.
    – PolyGeo
    Sep 16 at 20:23


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