I'm working with QGIS 3.22.10-Białowieża. In my project, I'm using the ESRI Satellite tile basemap (through Quick Map Services plugin), which I would like to credit in the map.

I've seen nothing about attribution among the variables section of the map and I can't find anything useful through a Google search. Is it possible to automate that?

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You can use layer_property('layername','attribution'). Use it together with array_to_string(layer_property('layername','attribution')) to display the array as string. But: Not all layers provide this. Seems like ESRI Satellite does not. But for example OpenStreetMap does.

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Properties you can use (from the docs):

  • name: layer name
  • id: layer ID
  • title: metadata title string
  • abstract: metadata abstract string
  • keywords: metadata keywords
  • data_url: metadata URL
  • attribution: metadata attribution string
  • attribution_url: metadata attribution URL
  • source: layer source
  • min_scale: minimum display scale for layer
  • max_scale: maximum display scale for layer
  • is_editable: if layer is in edit mode
  • crs: layer CRS
  • crs_definition: layer CRS full definition
  • crs_description: layer CRS description
  • extent: layer extent (as a geometry object)
  • distance_units: layer distance units
  • type: layer type, e.g., Vector or Raster
  • storage_type: storage format (vector layers only)
  • geometry_type: geometry type, e.g., Point (vector layers only)
  • feature_count: approximate feature count for layer (vector layers only)
  • path: File path to the layer data source. Only available for file based layers.

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