My aim is to change the layer's name only within the legend - I want to leave the layer itself untouched. I tried multiple variants of X.setName(), both on the vector layer item, the map layer and the LayerTreeLayer and so on, via the model - All of that also changes the layer's name outside the legend, which is not what I want.

I found that within the Print Layout editor, there is actually a way to achieve this - you can click on the legend item, select the one you want to rename, "edit selected item properties", and then just enter the new label text. But how can I do this from code?

This is my code so far, using a rename of the base layer which is what I want to avoid.

legend = QgsLayoutItemLegend(layout)

# vector_layer.setName("Layer Name in Legend")  # change item name in legend
legend.setAutoUpdateModel(False)  # separates the layout's legend from the project's

legend.attemptMove(QgsLayoutPoint(235, 36, QgsUnitTypes.LayoutMillimeters))

I am working in QGIS 3.22.


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Looks like you already got a working solution, but here is another approach- passing the layer tree layer object, the index of the root node and the desired label as a string to the setLegendNodeUserLabel() method of the QgsMapLayerLegendUtils class.

layer = QgsProject.instance().mapLayersByName('Layer_Name_In_Project')[0]
lyr_tree_lyr = legend.model().rootGroup().findLayer(layer.id())
QgsMapLayerLegendUtils.setLegendNodeUserLabel(lyr_tree_lyr, 0, 'Label name you want in layout legend')
  • I actually tried this, but it did not work for me - If you tried it and it did work, I suspect the difference is in the symbology. My layer is a graduated line layer, and index 0 addresses the first of the symbol classes, instead of the layer itself. Maybe it works for a single fill layer, but it is not a viable option for my case.
    – Noxy
    Sep 19, 2022 at 13:07

(Hack-ish Workaround - Proper Solution in the Accepted Answer)

After trying it out for a few hours, I finally figured it out. I was on the right path with QgsLayerTreeLayer, however, I was editing the wrong object - basically, still the vector layer itself rather than the legend.

First, ensure that the layout has actually been generated - rather than continuing to work with the created legend item, access the item within the layout:

legend_item = [i for i in layout.items() if isinstance(i, QgsLayoutItemLegend)][0]

(Do comment if there's a better way to get the legend, particularly since there's only one.)

lyr = legend_item.model().rootGroup().findLayer(vector_layer)  # switch from QgsVectorLayer to QgsLayerTreeLayer
lyr.setUseLayerName(False)  # Make the legend use a name different from the layer's

Here's the really important part: We don't want to work with the layer objects saved above - We want those within the legend.

tree_layers = legend_item.model().rootGroup().children()  # get the legend's layer tree
for tr in tree_layers:
    if tr.name() == layer_name: # ensure you have the correct child node
        tr.setName("New Name")  # set the child node's new name
legend_item.updateLegend()  # Update the QgsLayerTreeModel

It turns out my previous answer was still just a workaround, and if I edited the legend afterwards, it would realize as much and reset itself. Alas, here is the actual solution, with heavy inspiration from the QGIS API on QgisLayoutItemLegend:

legend = QgsLayoutItemLegend(layout)

for tr in legend.model().rootGroup().children():
    if tr.name() == layer_name:
        tr.setCustomProperty("legend/title-label", "new name in legend")


That's it. That is all you actually had to do. No need to worry about the legend being drawn first either.

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