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How to convert .shp into .gpx using QGIS?

I'm trying to convert a shapefile with some random points into a gpx file, but I'm having some problems: when I upload the gpx file into my Garmin Etrex, the points doesn't have coordinates. Why?

ps: I'm working with the EPSG 3003, and I've regulated the Garmin too.

ps: I'm using QGIS 1.8 Lisboa on Mac OsX Mountain Lion. The main problem is that the GPS Tools is not working properly


Save as... and selecting GPX format should work. Check Surpress attribute creation to avoid error messages.

GPX is only defined for EPSG:4326, that is WGS84 lat/lon.

You have to save your data in that CRS, regardless what you have set for display on your Etrex.

You can open the GPX file with any text editor to see if the coordinates are in there.


If you have the schema of the GPX file, you can try the following:
1. Re-project your SHP to WGS84
2. Using Microsoft Excel, or another text editor which can read .dbf, extract the data as required by GPX.

What I mean is, if it's only the lat/lon, you only need to copy that out of the .dbf and into the GPX

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