I installed the Landsat Toolbox in ArcMap 10.8.2 and I am getting the error 010586 when I load a Landsat 7 band file into the tool. A red X shows up in the form and will not permit me to run the tool.

ERROR 010568: Invalid extent. Please check for zero length or width, or failure to project extent to output spatial reference.


Extent Values: 2982015 282585 524715 2769285

Spatial format: Proejcted WGS_1984_UTM_Zone_17N Projection: Transverse_Mercator

Here is what I tried so far:

  1. Define the output extent in Environments section
  2. Move the image to a shorter file directory length and file name
  3. Reproject the file to the same projection
  4. Make a copy of the file
  5. Clip the extent to a smaller extent

What am I missing here?

I have not seen any posts about this.


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