My computer crashed and despite my QGIS project saved the project.qgz is now zero bytes. I tried

zip -FF Sissons.qgz --out fix.zip
Fix archive (-FF) - salvage what can
    zip warning: Missing end (EOCDR) signature - either this archive
                     is not readable or the end is damaged
Is this a single-disk archive?  (y/n): y
  Assuming single-disk archive`enter code here`
Scanning for entries...
    zip warning: zip file empty

Other files (dbf, prj, shp, shx) are still present. Is it possible to rebuild my project with these files?

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    You've lost the project, but you still have the data. You can rebuild, but you'll have to re-do the symbology.
    – user2856
    Sep 23 at 9:17
  • restore from backup
    – Ian Turton
    Sep 23 at 9:38


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