I was using ERDAS to georeference a set of aerial images but encountered software issues and need to finish the process in ArcGIS Pro. This is after all point creation, triangulation and correction occurred in ERDAS. I was able to export tie points, the manually created ground control points, and image polygons into ArcGIS Pro, but I can't figure out how to link these to the actual image .tif files. ERDAS failed right before ortho-resampling occurred on the .tif files, which would have allowed me to import them, georeferenced, into ArcGIS Pro. As you can see below, the tie points, control points, and image outlines are all there (they are spatially correct, base map was removed for privacy reasons).
Is there a way to link the image .tif to each image polygon exported from ERDAS?

Erdas exported polygons for each image

Control points and tie points exported from ERDAS


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