I am reading a EU-DEM v1.1 geotiff file downloaded from copernicus website using geotiff.js package with the following code :

        const geo = await fromFile(this.demFileUrl);

        const image = await geo.getImage();

        const bbox = image.getBoundingBox();

        this.heightMatrixProps.pixel_width = image.getWidth();
        this.heightMatrixProps.pixel_height = image.getHeight();
        this.heightMatrixProps.bbox_width = bbox[2] - bbox[0];
        this.heightMatrixProps.bbox_height = bbox[3] - bbox[1];
        this.heightMatrixProps.bbox_0 = bbox[0];
        this.heightMatrixProps.bbox_1 = bbox[1];

        const pool = new Pool();
        const rasterData = (await image.readRasters({ pool: pool }))[0] as TypedArray;

        this.heightMatrix = new Array(image.getHeight());
        for (var j = 0; j < image.getHeight(); j++) {
            this.heightMatrix[j] = new Array(image.getWidth());
            for (var i = 0; i < image.getWidth(); i++) {
                this.heightMatrix[j][i] = rasterData[i + j * image.getWidth()];

According to the metadata provided the pixel resolution is 25m (i.e. each pixel is 25m x 25m).

After reading the file I am running bresenham's circle drawing algorithm in order to draw a circular "height map". After few iterations, I have noticed that the circle is not a circle...

I than proceeded to check the distance from neighboring pixels in the height matrix :

        const widthPct = (from.longitude - this.heightMatrixProps.bbox_0) / this.heightMatrixProps.bbox_width;
        const heightPct = (from.latitude - this.heightMatrixProps.bbox_1) / this.heightMatrixProps.bbox_height;
        const xPx = Math.floor(this.heightMatrixProps.pixel_width * widthPct);
        const yPx = Math.floor(this.heightMatrixProps.pixel_height * (1 - heightPct));

        const pointY = this.translateXYtoCoordinates([xPx, yPx + 1]);
        const pointX = this.translateXYtoCoordinates([xPx + 1, yPx]);

        console.log(getDistance({latitude: pointY[0], longitude: pointY[1]}, {latitude: from.latitude, longitude: from.longitude}));
        console.log(getDistance({latitude: pointX[0], longitude: pointX[1]}, {latitude: from.latitude, longitude: from.longitude}));

The above logged 25 for the distance in the Y direction and 12 for the X direction.

*getDistance function from geolib package.

How come the height matrix has a resolution of 25m x 12m ?

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  • What's projection is it in?
    – Ian Turton
    Sep 23 at 18:52


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