I have a huge vector layer as a line, that represents the river. The problem is that the flow direction is sometimes wrong (goes uphill). But I can't correct that manually, cause the layer is too big.

I also have a DEM for the entire area. So is it a way to reverse only the lines that go uphill? I mean something like selecting the line that the end_point is at a higher altitude than the start_point, and flipping the selection?

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Solution 1

  1. Use select by expression with this expression where DEM is the name of your raster layer (digital elevation model):

    raster_value ('DEM', 1, start_point ($geometry)) <
    raster_value ('DEM', 1, end_point ($geometry))
  2. Then reverse line direction for selected features (see screenshot below).

Solution 2

You could also do it directly in one step with Geometry by expression, creating a new layer:

if (
    raster_value( 'DEM', 1, start_point ($geometry)) <
    raster_value( 'DEM', 1, end_point ($geometry)),
    reverse( $geometry),

The line at the botten right will be selected: enter image description here

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