I have a raster containing NULL values in which I'd like filled

To do so, I have interpolated the raster via IDW in GDAL, and then used the QGIS raster calculator to perform the following calculation

(Original = 0) * Interpolated + (Original != 0) * Original

Basically, where there are data values of 0 in the original raster, replace them with the interpolated values. But if the the original rasters data values are anything other than 0 then keep the original value.

This runs perfectly in QGIS with no complaints and creates my new raster. So I decided to try it in GDAL using gdal_calc

gdal_calc -A original.tif -B interpolated.tif --outfile newraster.tif --calc="(-a = 0) * -b + (-a != 0) * -a"

However, I keep getting the error Error! Dimensions of file interpolated.tif (4138, 4902) are different from other files (7347, 8705). Cannot proceed

Even with adding the --extent=ignore flag it wont work

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See the documentation https://gdal.org/programs/gdal_calc.html

Note that all files must have the same dimensions (unless extent option is used), but no projection checking is performed (unless projectionCheck option is used).


--extent= New in version 3.3.

This option determines how to handle rasters with different extents. This option is mutually exclusive with the projwin option, which is used for providing a custom extent.

For all the options below the pixel size (resolution) and SRS (Spatial Reference System) of all the input rasters must be the same.

ignore (default) - only the dimensions of the rasters are compared. if the dimensions do not agree the operation will fail.

fail - the dimensions and the extent (bounds) of the rasters must agree, otherwise the operation will fail.

union - the extent (bounds) of the output will be the minimal rectangle that contains all the input extents.

intersect - the extent (bounds) of the output will be the maximal rectangle that is contained in all the input extents.

So the option --extent ignore is the default behavior and because 4138, 4902 is not equal to 7347, 8705 then gdal_calc will not run.

What options you have depends on the coordinate system and pixel size of your original files. Could you add that info into your question?

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