I accidentally created these annotations while trying to measure distances and would like to delete them. This article mentions double-clicking, but this does not work for me (Version 3.22.6). Is there a way to select these another way or find the source layer to turn them off or delete them completely? Is there a better source for how best to create annotations?

Double click article Delete (don't hide) text annotations in QGIS

Annotations in question

Edit: How to delete text annotations?

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Using at least QGIS 3.22.x, if you double-click the annotation, you will find a delete button at the bottom of the window where you can delete the annotation. It works with Text annotations.

enter image description here

For other annotation types like Create Text at Point, Create Marker, Create Line, etc., you can use Modify Annotations enter image description here to select those types and press the Delete button on your keyboard.

  • This worked by selecting text annotations tool, doubleclicking, then deleting with pop up window shown here. You can also single select and press the delete key on keyboard. View > toolbars > Annotations Toolbar: Text annotations. Thank you.
    – boydo
    Commented Oct 15, 2022 at 15:17

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