How to get all paths between the source and destination nodes in PostGIS using PGRouting extension?

I tried the functions:

  • pgr_edgeDisjointPaths: It returns only the Disjoint paths.([40,41,42,45],[40,39,43,47,46,45])
  • pgr_bdDijkstra: It returns only the shortest path. ([40,41,42,45])

Is there any other function available to accomplish the desired result.

I want all the paths between the nodes 40 and 45 such as ([40,41,42,45],[40,39,43,47,46,45],[40,39,43,42,45] and so on), from the network mentioned in the screenshot below.


  • In your example there is an infinite number of possible paths because your system has a loop. 40,[41,42,43,39,40]*, 41,42,45
    – til_b
    Oct 12, 2022 at 8:07

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I think you can get it with this function: pgr_KSP.

It gets you the K shortest paths. If you put a really high number, it should gets you all the possible path.

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