Below is my code, all variables are defined in the above cells in my Jupyter notebook, it throws no errors, and the Pandas dataframes work but no output is returned. I have all necessary libraries installed, too. I want to save an image within this webmap extent but I can't export even though no error messages appear.

while rowvalue < 1:
    minlongcoord = data.iloc[rowvalue, 3] - 0.001
    maxlongcoord = data.iloc[rowvalue, 3] + 0.001
    minlatcoord = data.iloc[rowvalue, 2] - 0.001
    maxlatcoord = data.iloc[rowvalue, 2] + 0.001
    usecode = data.iloc[rowvalue, 1] #Works until here
    DCMap_Extent = {'xmin': minlongcoord, 'ymin': minlatcoord, 'xmax': maxlongcoord, 'ymax': 
    printed_file_url = DCMap.print(file_format='JPG', extent=DCMap_Extent)
    rowvalue += 1
  • Sharing your full code would be more helpful in understanding your problem.
    – Padmanabha
    Oct 14, 2022 at 4:04


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