I've created a webmap viewer with Leaflet and used the plugin leaflet.wms to call the WMS GetFeatureInfo service to query a map layer and return information about the underlying features. My code is as follows

var source = L.WMS.source("http://xxxx/geoserver/wms",
                        "format": "image/png",
                        "transparent": "true",
                        "attribution": "© Instituto Geográfico Nacional de España",
                        "info_format": "text/html",         
var lyrAtlas = source.getLayer("atlas:lista_reprod_iii");

It works fine, but the information to be returned is quite long and the displayed popup is too narrow, so the result is unmanageable. I want to set the width of the popup to something wider, but I haven't found any hint to obtain it. Is it possible to do so?


This is the only chunk of code of the plugin js file where the popup appears:

'showFeatureInfo': function(latlng, info) {
    // Hook to handle displaying parsed AJAX response to the user
    if (!this._map) {
    this._map.openPopup(info, latlng);

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What you have to do is to define your own showFeatureInfo option/method where you can set width of the popup like @Ziggy suggested. To do this you can use include method to modify L.WMS.Source class (see https://leafletjs.com/examples/extending/extending-1-classes.html).

Code for modifying L.WMS.Source class could look something like this:

L.WMS.Source = L.WMS.Source.include({
  'showFeatureInfo': function(latlng, info) {
    L.popup({maxWidth: 600})
  • Yes, that's the answer. However, the option to use is minWidth instead of maxWitdth
    – jpinilla
    Oct 18 at 12:06
  • It depends on what you want.
    – TomazicM
    Oct 18 at 13:21

Its in the leaflet popup properties

var popup =  L.popup({
  maxWidth: 375
  • I'm unable to make this code to work. I'm editing the question adding code from the plugin.
    – jpinilla
    Oct 18 at 7:38

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