I am new to working on spatial data. Someone sent me a series of coordinates x,y in meters of particular locations in London. Here is an example:

X (m) Y (m)
534849 177512

The person was able to plot these coordinates in QGIS.

I was expecting the coordinates to be longitude and latitude which I thought were measured in degrees. I'm also mindful that these coordinates could still be used in QGIS.

Can you clarify this for me and explain how I could actually change the coordinate system in QGIS from degrees to meters?

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These coordinates (Eastings/Northings) are in OSGB36 British National Grid - load in https://epsg.io/27700 and reproject (CRS) to WGS84 in QGIS.

enter image description here

enter image description here

sample data used here was downloaded from https://digitalmaptiles.ukmapcentre.com/samples-products.html

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