I have an Esri shapefile that I have dropped duplicates from and turned into a numpy array using the following code:

loc_ID_fld_names = ["LocIDNmbr", "Lat", "Long"]
loc_ID_array = arcpy.da.FeatureClassToNumPyArray(Data,loc_ID_fld_names)
uniqueLocIDs_array = list(set(locIDNmbr))
locIDs_df = pd.DataFrame(loc_ID_array)
locIDs_df_no_dupes = locIDs_df.drop_duplicates(subset=["LocIDNmbr"])
locIDs_df_no_dupes = locIDs_df_no_dupes.to_numpy()

Now I want to know how to go back and turn it to an Esri shapefile. I want to do this in the ArcPy terminal on ArcGIS Pro and not using the API, if possible.

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You can use the NumPyArrayToFeatureClass function. The array needs to be in a Structured Array format and you can convert your ndarray to this using np.rec.fromarrays. E.g.

import numpy as np
locIDs_df_no_dupes = locIDs_df_no_dupes.to_numpy()
locIDs_array_no_dupes = np.rec.fromarrays(locIDs_df_no_dupes.T, dtype=loc_ID_array.dtype)
arcpy.da.NumPyArrayToFeatureClass(locIDs_array_no_dupes, out_shp, ['Long', 'Lat'], arcpy.Describe(Data).spatialReference)

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