I downloaded a part of germany .osm file from geofabrik and extracted all ways and nodes whose tag contains addr-key using osmfilter:

osmfilter.exe hessen-latest.osm --keep=addr:*=* --drop-relations --drop-version --drop-author --drop-tags="fixme= source=" > he_nodes_ways.osm

Then I have written a java console programm which parses the large xml file (using SAXParser) and inserts every single node and way into a mysql data base.

But I've realized that a lot of streets for my own town are missing in the mysql database, even I've collected all addresses from nodes and ways. As soon I now, relations doesn't have address information. The missing addresses in my database exist in open street map.

Does anyone have further information or knows another way how to import osm address information with geo informations into a mysql database.

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One way is to use osm2pgsql. This is a robust program to convert OSM data to PostgreSQL, but not MySQL directly. However, after your data is in PostgreSQL, you can export it again and load it into your MySQL database.

You could also try the OSM driver and the MySQL driver from GDAL/OGR to load your data into MySQL. Your would need the ogr2ogr CLI tool for this operation.

  • Thank's for your reply! I will try it with osm2pgsql first.
    – Erkan
    Commented Oct 27, 2022 at 7:25

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