I have three layers as follows;

  1. ski areas (polygons)
  2. ski lifts (ways)
  3. ski rund (ways)

There is a unique ID that makes it relate back to the ski area. This is an example:

  1. ski areas (polygons) // id= 3cb98511ef6187cef677a3b8630430c57bb0e400
  2. ski lifts (ways) // skiArea = { "properties": { "activities": [ "downhill" ], "generated": false, "id": "3cb98511ef6187cef677a3b8630430c57bb0e400",...
  3. ski rund (ways): { "properties": { "activities": [ "downhill" ], "generated": false, "id": "3cb98511ef6187cef677a3b8630430c57bb0e400",

How are relations handled normally in mapbox gl js? What I would like to do is something like this;

  • When the ski area is clicked, it will give statistical info such as percent beginner, intermediate and expert, number and length of lifts, number and length of runs.
  • when the lift or the run is clicked, I am able to give stats for the object

Just wondering how best to handle this. Beginner here.

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This is up to your application, and not really a concern of Mapbox GL JS. You would need to write a "click handler", a function that does whatever calculation and state management is necessary to compute, update state, and then re-render parts of the application that need this bit of state to be correctly rendered.

I would recommend doing some tutorials with Mapbox GL JS that include Redux, to learn about actions, reducers, etc. This is literally the first hit when I do a search.

  • I was reading about recipes and in particular, Feature union with group_by. This may work with "id=". This is stated in the page: "...so that if one of them is selected, they are all selected" here; docs.mapbox.com/mapbox-tiling-service/reference/…. I was originally thinking like what you have written which would be a big undertaking but would UNION work? Nov 6, 2022 at 0:52

Just add this into the function you created the layer with.

map.on('click', 'PolygonLayerId', function (e) {
            new mapboxgl.Popup()
                    .setHTML(e.features[0].properties.your layer attributes 1 + " : " + e.features[0].properties.your layer attributes 2)
  • There are hundreds of ski areas in one layer and even more ski lift and runs in 2 more layers (total 3 layers). The objects in each layer (eg ski area to ski lift and ski run) are tied together with "id": ###... I dont think the above code accounts for this. Thanks though. Nov 12, 2022 at 4:05

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