I have been trying to subtract a dictionary value from another in Google Earth Engine but it returns Nan

var dict = ee.Dictionary({
  B1: 182,
  B2: 219,
  B3: 443

print(dict.get('B2') - dict.get('B1'));

I don't know why it returns Nan instead of 37 enter image description here

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This fails because the numbers are server-side objects, and you're trying to apply a client-side - operation on them. Read up on server- vs client-side here. To do subtraction with server-side numbers, you do this:


A second issue is that ee.Dictionary.get() returns an ee.Element. You have to cast it to an ee.Number before you use it:


Alternatively, you can use ee.Dictionary.getNumber(), to directly get an ee.Number:


When you have more complex expression, it's often more readable to use ee.Number.expression():

ee.Number.expression('B2 - B1', dict))

Finally, there are times where you actually don't need to use a server-side ee.Dictionary. Just go ahead and use a plain object, if that's the case:

var plainObject = {
  B1: 182,
  B2: 219,
  B3: 443
print(plainObject.B2 - plainObject.B1)



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