At 3.22.12, I download Sentinel-2 files (both L1C and L2A) using the Semi-Automatic Classification (SCP) plugin. Some of the imagery contains cloudy areas that I would like to mask out. According to the following sources, my downloads should contain additional files that contain cloud masks for each image:

Unfortunately, none of my SCP downloads arrive with any such cloud mask files, even though I check the "Ancillary data" option:

enter image description here

The only ancillary files that are downloaded are MTD_TL.xml, and MTDSIL1C.xml (with L1C downloads) or MTD_MSIL2A.xml (with L2A downloads). None of these appear to have any mask information.


How can I acquire cloud mask files (preferably through SCP)?

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I am not familiar with the Semi-Automatic Classification (SCP) plugin, but if you download the archive from the official source, it contains files with image classification (including cloud mask).

Download scene example.

Cloud mask path:


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