I have been trying to troubleshoot some custom geoprocessing tools for a work project. The end goal is to let users query crime data depending on the year and what the offense was, the output is block groups with graduated colors. The model works great in ArcGIS Pro but I can't get it to output properly in Web App Builder.

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I have run the model successfully in Pro, I am able to Share Web tool to our Enterprise server where the tool will be hosted, then I use the geoprocessing widget in ArcGIS Online App Builder to link the tool for use. When the tool is run in the App Builder the results are not calculated correctly. I have tested different expressions ranging from different dates and offenses but the results are what the parameters were set and run in ArcGIS Pro before it was shared. Am I missing a type of configuration in my model that lets the expression be empty so that it will calculate with the new expressions?

App Builder Results


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