I want to automatically read and write settings of my QGIS-project with Pyqgis. Especially i want to do this for the QGIS Server Service Properties (Top of QGIS-Server Tab).

I found this Link but i cant solve my problem with it...

I also found this thread, but i want more Variables and i cant find the names of them. Someone have a full list?


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I found a very simple solution:

The variables are stored in the Project-File and i can see them, if its stored as .qgs. I will copy and paste them and set the variables with the following syntax:

settings = {
    'WMSServiceCapabilities': True,
    'WMSRootName': 'Testproject',
    'WMSServiceTitle': 'Tesproject',
    'WMSContactOrganization': 'Its me'

for setting in settings:
    QgsProject.instance().writeEntry(setting , "/" , settings[setting])

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