To start off, most of my end-users are using ArcDesktop 10.7.1. Under the layer Properties-Display, there is a way to add a hyperlink to the layer using a script. We have a link to our Register of Deeds that uses the book and page in the URL. I would like to take this URL and replace the book and page entries with the attribute fields that contain this information.

For Example:

From this


To this


The process of doing this inside a pop-up in ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS Online is easy. However, I would like to mimic this using the Identify tool or at least the Hyperlink tool.

  • Have you tried typing hyperlink into the help file?
    – Hornbydd
    Nov 21, 2022 at 14:35

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I believe I have answered my own question. I found a similar script where the person posting was looking for a way to link to a file location based on an attribute. (Python Field Calculating for Document Hyperlink?) Taking that script, I was able to modify this script to create URL location instead of a file location. Script as follows:

import webbrowser
def OpenLink ([DeedBook1],[DeedPage1] ):
  Hyper1 = "http://rod.waynegov.com/resolution/LandRecords/protected/v4/SrchBookPage.aspx?bAutoSearch=true&bk="
  Hyper2 = "&pg="
  Hyper3 = "&idx=CRP"
  path = Hyper1+[DeedBook1]+Hyper2+[DeedPage1]+Hyper3

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