After processing a GeoTIFF, I want to include a note in the output GeoTIFF's header1. A keyword-value note like: "comment = image processed with software version x.y.z". Like we do with FITS files (https://docs.astropy.org/en/stable/io/fits/usage/headers.html#comment-history-and-blank-keywords) in astronomy.

Is that possible with GeoTIFF? If not, which GIS-compatible file format would allow me to do so?

  1. A file's header: metadata information about the file's content (i.e, data) encapsulated in the file itself (typically at the beggining of the file).

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TIFF has tags for that purpose and you can edit them for example with gdal_edit https://gdal.org/programs/gdal_edit.html


Passes a metadata key and value to set on the output dataset if possible. This metadata is added to the existing metadata items, unless -unsetmd is also specified.


gdal_edit metadata.tif -mo "comment=image processed with software version x.y.z"

Check the result with gdalinfo

gdalinfo metadata.tif
  comment=image processed with software version x.y.z

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