I am developing a webapp using opentripplanner. I have followed 2 and five minute tutorials at their websites, there is also a opentripplaner-geocoder.war webapp, but i am unable to figure out that how can i use this geocoder.


To work with geocoder in OTP please refer to this post. here

There are some slight improvements to the above post though( I have to spent hours to figure them out!), these are as follows

For Google basemap

  1. In config.js just add these codes after the OSM declaration in baselayers:

     new OpenLayers.Layer.Google(
  2. Add the Google Maps API script tag to index.html in the directory otp-opnlayers-client/src/main/webapp/ (or otp-leaflet-client/src/main/webapp/ depending on version):

    <script src="https://maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/js?v=3.exp&sensor=false"></script>

For Google Geocoder

  1. In config.js set enabled : true or (depending on version) add the following block to the otp.config variable:

    geocoders : [
                name: "Geocoder",
                className: "otp.core.Geocoder",
                url: "/otp-geocoder/geocode",
                addressParam: "address",
  2. In application-context.xml, under otp-geocoder/scr/main/resources/org/opentripplanner/geocoder/, change the value of ref of the geocoderServer bean to geocoderGoogle:

    <bean id="geocoderServer" class="org.opentripplanner.geocoder.ws.GeocoderServer">
            <property name="geocoder" ref="geocoderGoogle" />
  3. Build and restart the server. Then try http://localhost:8080/otp-geocoder/geocode/?address=18.516446,73.851751.

P.S. - I'm working on a latest version of opentripplanner i.e. SNAPSHOT 0.9

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