Currently, the formula I'm using to convert MGRS to Lat/Long and vice versa is giving me slightly different results than most other conversion utilities. It's usually between 10 to 30 feet off. This isn't a very big difference, but it matters for the particular application of data. I'm wondering if anyone knows of a simple library that does conversions between MGRS and Lat/Long or UTM.

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    I'm not looking for a utility to perform the conversion. I wanted to know if there was a PHP class out there.
    – Nathan
    Commented Dec 18, 2010 at 17:42


which is also downloadable (including the FORTRAN source). USNG is a simplified version of MGRS. Datum is usually NAD83 and you don't have to handle the different letter schema based on the datum/ellipsoid. In MGRS, NAD27 data would have a different letter schema than NAD83.

Geotrans 3.0


which is in C or Java also has source code available.


I would recommnend you to use USNG library to convert

LL to USNG (function LLtoUSNG(lat, lon, precision))

LL to MRGS (function LLtoMGRS(lat, lon, precision))

LL to UTM (Note: UTM calculations are an intermediate step in LLtoUSNG conversions but can be used as seperate function if required)

and more, plus reverse

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