I am trying to export an Atlas, with a comparison of maps between 3 periods. For each period I have a different raster (2008, 2016, 2022).

I found a way to display the right raster, for each map, which is updated on every page of the Atlas. To do so, I simply wrote the name of the layer I want in the "Layers" options (see image) of each map.


I tried this expression:

concat ('New_area_2008_HQ_modified', '|', '[T]_STUDY_AREA')

But, I can't display the other information (two Shapefile), the same way it is only displayed on the third map (see image below). Green rectangle and multi-colored lines.


Do you know how I could have these three different maps, vertically aligned, displaying the same information (shapes), except for the raster and which are updated for each page of the Atlas?

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Finally, I found the issue.

The different layers should be written in the orde we want to display them. By writing this:

concat ('New_area_2008_HQ_modified', '|', '[T]_STUDY_AREA')

The raster is on top of the shapefile.

But if I change the order:

concat('[T]_STUDY_AREA', '|', 'New_area_2008_HQ_modified')

Then it works!

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