Edit: I have changed the clip to updateMask function. when I print the image dimensions it seems to be ok with size, but when I export image GCS and then open again, it adds empty row /column to the image. I couldn't find any reason why.

I have two images which are different size . I want to clip img2 using img 1, and to get image that has the exactly same dimensions as img1.

img1 has the following shape: [425, 327] img2 has the following shape: [426, 329]

I have tried to clip them using GEE as following:



#print of imgs size

print(f'img1 size:{sz_orig}  img2 size"{sz_be}    clipped size: {sz_clip}')

original size:[425, 327]  img2 size"[426, 329]    clipped size: [426, 328]

My problem is that I need to get the clipped img with the same size as img1, but this doesn't happen and I get something new.

I though maybe it has to do with projection, so I have tried to do the same but to reproject img2 to have the same projection as img 1 before clipping:



#tried also like this but same size result:


original size:[425, 327]  img2 size"[426, 329]    clipped size: [426, 328]

I still don't have clipped_size with the same size as img1.

My end goal is to have the clipped image with the exactly same shape as img1.

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Are the two images registered / georeferenced? Do they overlap the way you'd expect when imported? Can you share the assets that were imported?

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