I've installed gdal v3.6.0 with conda v4.12.0, but I'm missing VFK vector driver. How can I add it?

When I run a siple script:

from osgeo import gdal

vfk_file = '727008.vfk'

ds = gdal.Open(vfk_file, gdal.GA_ReadOnly)

if ds is None:
    print('Unable to open VFK data file')
    print('VFK data file opened successfully')

ds = None

This error occurs:

(geodata) PS C:\Users\MainUser\Dev\python\gdal_test> python .\test.py
ERROR 4: `727008.vfk' not recognized as a supported file format.
Unable to open VFK data file

And when I list all drivers, the VFK one is missing.

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VFK is a vector driver. You need to import ogr instead of gdal from osgeo import ogr and use ogr.Open


You can test if you have the VFK driver with ogrinfo

ogrinfo --format VFK
Format Details:
  Short Name: VFK
  Long Name: Czech Cadastral Exchange Data Format
  Supports: Vector
  Extension: vfk
  Help Topic: drivers/vector/vfk.html
  Supports: Open() - Open existing dataset.
  <Option name="SUPPRESS_GEOMETRY" type="boolean" description="whether to suppress geometry" default="NO" />
  <Option name="FILE_FIELD" type="boolean" description="whether to include VFK filename field" default="NO" />

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