I'm building a bar chart from attribute table using DataPlotly. I have set the colour scale for bars setting this expression:

when "field" = 'A'
then '#06e79e'
when "field" = 'B'
then '#e70606'
when "field" = 'C'
then '#9c6ffc'
when "field" = 'D'
then '#6fddfc'
when "field" = 'E'
then '#e3fc6f'
else "field"

in marker color > edit enter image description here

but I wonder if it is possible to set an automatic colour scale depending on existent values. This is particularly important when dealing with hundreds of different attributes.

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You can use the Data Defined button and set the get_symbol_color expression from the DataPlotly category:

enter image description here

This will automatically set the plot item color to the map feature color

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