I have a line and I want to mark regular intervals along the line (every 10 m)

I am able to display these intervals by showing it as a marker line, and choosing "with interval" for the marker placement and selecting meters at scale enter image description here

However, I want to be able to extract coordinates for these intervals. Is there any way to turn the markers from the marker line into vertices or a points layer? I am running QGIS 3.22.13

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You can use the processing alogrithm point along geometry

enter image description here

Or if you want to use the geometry generator, either as a style or as an expression for creating a new layer, you can use the following:

   generate_series(0, length($geometry), 10), 

collect_geometries --> make a multi-point from an array of points
array_foreach --> for each 10 meters, as computed in the next line
generate_series(0, length($geometry), 10) --> write a list of distances from 0 to the line length with an increment of 10 (meters)
line_interpolate_point($geometry, @element) --> create a point along the original line, at each computed distance

enter image description here

  • This is exactly what I needed, thanks!
    – Nicole
    Commented Dec 15, 2022 at 21:16
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    – Matt
    Commented Dec 15, 2022 at 22:05

No need to define a style. You can use Densify by Interval and Extract Vertices tools respectively.

  • Densify by Interval:

    enter image description here

  • Extract Vertices:

    enter image description here

  • 1
    Thanks, this is close to what I need but not quite. Densify adds vertices but the interval is maximum 10, not exactly 10, so the distance ends up being ~9.3m between vertices. I need to make the vertices exactly 10 m apart (obviously the last one will be shorter if the line length is not divisible by 10)
    – Nicole
    Commented Dec 15, 2022 at 19:31

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