I have exported file with no geometry, values from attribute tables, to SQLite. I manage to open it in SQLite.

But when I want to import to another QGIS project or even the same project I get an error message. "failure getting table metadata. Is path/file.sqlite really a Spatial Lite database?"

what could be wrong here?

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An SQLite file is not (always) a SpatialLite database file. SpatialLite database files have extra metadata tables for spatial data.

If you create a SQLite file using, for example, the sqlite3 command line SQL processor, or Python's sqlite3 module, you won't get a SpatialLite database.

QGIS might be able to read the plain SQLite file as non-spatial database tables, but I can't see a native way of doing it so the solution is either going to be via ODBC or converting your plain SQLite to a SpatialLite database or another format, eg GeoPackage, which is still SQLite compatible.


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