The code below shows how sel1 updates sel2 based on its value.

var dict = {
  'a': {
    'foo': 321 
  'b': {
    'foo': 123

// Callback functions
var updateSel2 = function(k) {
  var sel2Items = Object.keys(dict[k]);
  sel2Items.forEach(function(item) {

var sel2Behavior = function(v) { print(v) };

// Selectors
var sel1 = ui.Select({
  items: Object.keys(dict),
  onChange: updateSel2

var sel2 = ui.Select({
  onChange: sel2Behavior


When sel2 is updated for the first time, the sel2Behavior function works perfectly.

When I change the value of sel1 again, since sel2 will have the same value (foo), the callback function does not work.

What could be the reason? And how can I fix this?

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At the bottom of updateSel2, call setValue() to reset the value to null (with trigger = false)

sel2.setValue(null, false)


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