Is it possible to include a layer's symbology within the popup in ArcGIS Online? Below is an example of 2 different types of symbology that I'm using in my ArcGIS Online map. The fork/spoon icon represents food pantry locations and the brown house icon represents affordable housing.

maps with two types of symbology

Here's an example of how I'd like my popup to look. I want to replace the icon (pointed in red) with the actual icon from my map.

example of house icon wanted

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I don't think you can access the symbology used in a layer from the pop-up or using Arcade. What you can do is place an image into it and that has a URL. You could explore the idea of uploading the image separately to AGOL then for each row in your feature layer have a URL path to the image? Explore the help file on Configuring pop-ups.

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    Thanks so much Hornbydd, that was a great suggestion and it worked out great.
    – pac_co
    Dec 22, 2022 at 15:42

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