ArcGIS Pro: 3.0.3

ArcGIS Enterprise Server (Linux): 10.9.1

We are trying to implement custom print templates so we can print web maps with our logos, formatted scale bar, etc using the versions above. I followed the following tutorials to create a custom print service so we can utilize additional templates for printing web maps.



However, the export fails every time and we receive the following error.

Error executing tool. Export Web Map : ERROR 000800: The value is not a member of MAP_ONLY.'


As you can see, the Layout_Template parameter contains an array with two values: Layout and MAP_ONLY. However, I don't think the layout options is being recognized. I've published the ExportWebMap service with both MAP_ONLY and Layout as the default value, but haven't had any luck.

Does the PAGX file need to be in a registered data store folder in addition to publishing the Export Web Map tool?

Documentation seems vague on this part.


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If you are using ArcGIS Enterprise Server 10.x.x, you must have ArcGIS Pro 2.x.x installed to leverage custom print services. As @PolyGeo mentioned, ArcGIS Pro 3.0.x is intended to be deployed with ArcGIS Enterprise 11.0.x.




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