I changed the units on the general tab to inches. When I go to set up the grid under snapping, whats the units. From what I have read it seems as though they are map units, it that correct? I am a attempting to get set up a sheet to fit within en existing title block.

  • Seems to me to be the units you set in General
    – Willy
    Dec 29 '12 at 0:02

For the snapping grid it is Millimeters no matter what as for most of other settings (line width, position and size of items etc - generally most of the settings in QGIS (1.8)). As far as I can see there is only option to change units to inches for page size.

(btw for map frame grid interval/offset - the units are used from project settings - in main QGIS window go to Settings/Project Properties... or depending on used projection)

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