In my QGIS installation 3.28.0 on Windows 10, dates are given in Swiss German dialect - like Määntig instead of Montag (as would be in standard German). This is annoying as no one in Switzerland ever uses our dialect in written form - it's just used in oral conversation. So I would like to change these settings. The QGIS User interface of the user profile I use is set to English.

However, I guess the settings depend on system language/localization/timezone settings where I defined german language settings for Switzerland - this makes quite a difference for using the keyboard etc. So I don't want to change Windows setting.

Is there a way to make these changes in QGIS only?

enter image description here

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    Schweizerdeutsch ist echt komisch... ^_^
    – Taras
    Commented Dec 26, 2022 at 11:59
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    Maybe like QGIS using суржик
    – Babel
    Commented Dec 26, 2022 at 12:08
  • That was funny >_< I did not know that you aware of such words )))
    – Taras
    Commented Dec 26, 2022 at 13:53
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    I can confirm that this information seems to rely on the system locale also on Ubuntu. Commented Dec 26, 2022 at 16:06

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I found a solution: in Menu Settings > Options > General tab, the entry for Locale was set to Swiss German Switzerland (gsw_CH). When I change it to German Switzerland (de_CH), I get the date in standard german.

So there is no need to make any changes in operating system settings, it's a QGIS setting that was set to this strange dialect version.

enter image description here

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