Setup is QGIS version is 3.28 on windows 11 with project property Save Paths set to relative.

I am following the instructions in the PyQGIS cookbook for adding layers using this code:

shp_filename= "C:/Users/anon/OneDrive/QPythonDev/pyqgis3_files/countries.shp"
vlayer = QgsVectorLayer(shp_filename, "countries", "ogr")

I can add a layer from the project folder or any other folder only when the full path is supplied. I cannot add with this (which is suggested in the documentation)

shp_filename = "data/countries.shp"

When the project is saved and reopened, the shapefile in the project folder loads - it is located in a sub-folder 5 folders in from the root: C:/Users/anon/OneDrive/QPythonDev/pyqgis3_files/countries.shp

If I add a shapefile from a location such as C:\temp, that file is not found - this is the data source location given: ../../../../../../../temp/world.shp

If the project properties setting Save Paths is set to absolute, the files are found and loaded correctly. My question is - is there a limit to folder nesting when you have Save Paths set to relative? And why does the relative file location "data/countries.shp" not work.


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