In the following images, the first one has only 2 classes of pixels. I would like to remove Image's 1, class 1 (white pixels) completely from Image 2. As a result, Image 2 will have null values in the position of white pixels from Image 1. How can I do that using raster calculator on ArcGIS Pro?

Image 1: Values above 1 and bellow 0 of SMI_2021 raster enter image description here Image 2: Soil Moisture Index with valid range 0 to 1 enter image description here

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    Con(image1==0, image2)
    – FelixIP
    Jan 2 at 19:33
  • How can I use multiple statements inside con? For instance, looking at image 2 how can I replace all values bellow 0 and above 1 with null? @FelixIP
    – Chris
    Jan 2 at 20:18
  • 2
    – FelixIP
    Jan 3 at 4:44

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Subtract 1 from pixel values of raster 1 and muliply by -1: by this, you invert value: 1 results in 0, 0 results in 1. Then divide this with the pixel values of image 2. Division by 0 (for initial white pixels) should return null values.

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    B/(1 - A) is less convoluted, but still too much compared to conditional function.
    – FelixIP
    Jan 5 at 0:12

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