For the purposes of creating random survey plot locations in a forest.

I want to randomly generate 1 point(plot) per 2 hectares with a minimum of 100m between each point (plot) inside multiple polygons of the same layer.

There are several hundred polygons each with different total areas (hectares).

Image shows polygons representing different forest types labeled by area (hectares)

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  1. Create a polygon grid (Menu Vector > Research Tools > Create Grid) with spacing so that every grid cell has an area of 1 hectare - e.g. rectangle 100 m * 200 m

  2. Create the intersection of the grid with your initial polygons.

  3. Run Menu Vector > Research Tools > Random points in polygons. Use the layer created in step 2 as input layer and set minimum distance between points to 100 and number of points for each feature to 1.

See also here for more options.

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