For example, Column A (1, Michigan Street, Michigan), Column B (Michigan Street) and Column C (Yes, No).

I want to use Field Calculator to update Column C in a way that it return NO if Column A contains the same street name as Column B. However, it does not work. What I tried:

when "Column A" LIKE '%"Column B"%' then 'No'
else 'Yes'

So I try to go longer route by selecting features in Column A if it has exact words in Column B

"Column A" LIKE '%Column B%'

but it doesn't work either. Any idea on what expression to use as I don't want to write every code differently according to Column B?

  • Asking about "Query Builder" is misleading, as it could mean you're asking about the SQL query/provider feature builder. You are asking about QGIS expression string builder/Field calculator.
    – Babel
    Jan 6 at 11:02
  • Does the field Column A follow the pattern on something, street, something?
    – Mayo
    Jan 8 at 0:35
  • Yes. It does follow a pattern of house number, street name and district. Jan 8 at 13:43

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The proper syntax is :

when "Column A" LIKE '%' || "Column B" || '%' then 'No'
else 'Yes'

(You need to concatenate the column content with the '%' using the pipe operator)

Of course you also could use the alternative expression provided by @Babel


Use this expression:

    when regexp_match ("Column A", "Column B") > 0
    then 'No'
    else 'Yes'

The function regexp_match() looks if the string of "Column B" is contained inside "Column A". It returns the position of the first character and 0 if the string is not found.

enter image description here

  • Thank you for the help! Jan 8 at 13:48

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