On Friday we started switching the basemaps on some preexisting maps to the USGSTopo basemap provided by ESRI through ArcMap (10.8.2). This was working fine with no issues. Suddenly starting Monday, every time a map is exported with the USGSTopo map, the basemap isn't exported.

Few things:

  • This ONLY happens with the USGSTopo basemap, all other basemaps through ESRI seem to export with no problems.

  • The USGSTopo basemap WILL export if the map zoom is 1:10,0000 to 1:24,000

  • The USGSTopo basemap WILL export if the DPI is set to 50 or lower.

  • Exporting as a TIF (or other image file) also only works if the DPI is below 50.

  • Maps that were exporting fine on Friday, also no longer export correctly.

I've been trying solutions online for the past day and have yet to get anywhere. It seems like an obvious resolution problem, but I can't understand why it only is affecting this one basemap, and why the resolution needs to be obliterated for it to process.


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Solution: Export at a lower dpi. Mine works at up to 200 which is enough to be acceptable. They seem to have changed the level of resolution you're able to export in this specific Basemap only. I could export at 1000 dpi before the holidays but now only up to 200. Would have been nice to have known this change was happening.

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