I have 4 rasters and am trying to merge them into 2 rasters using the "mosaic to new raster" tool.

I performed this operation successfully for both sets, however, when I went to merge a second set of rasters, I must have forgotten to change the file name, so it overwrote the first one I had created. I therefore ran the second operation again, this time with a new file name (and it also ran fine) before deleting the overwritten file. However, when I went to run the merge it gives error 999999.

I've now spent ages trying to re-run it, change settings, tried clearing temp files, deleted the output folder, even updated the software as I had a pending update. And it just won't work. I tried re-downloading the input rasters, as well as merging other rasters and nothing works. Also there are no underscores or spaces in the file names.

I can't think of any logical reason why it would work one minute and then not the next with the exact same settings and data - and the error message is not very descriptive. Does anyone know why this may happen, or is it just Arcgis being useless?

  • I have found when ArcPro misbehaves, shutting it down and restarting often resolves it...
    – Hornbydd
    Jan 12 at 22:24


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