Bands 1-7 & 9 of Landsat 8 have a spatial resolution of 30 meters, but Band 10 and 11 have 100 meters. Bellow there are NDVI and Band 10 Rasters of a study area.

Does each pixel of the band 10 represent a 100x100 meters area?

Does each pixel of NDVI raster represent a 30x30 meters area?

I am asking because those 2 images have the same number of pixels and it seems strange to me.

How can a 100x100 meters resolution be the same as a 30x30 meters resolution?

Image 1: Band 10 (100x100 meters resolution)

enter image description here

Image 2: NDVI Raster (30x30 meters resolution)

enter image description here

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The 100m resolution is the resolution of the Band10 sensor.

To make it possible to process data easily across all bands, the images uses 30m pixel size whatever the bands' sensor resolution.

If you look closely at your Band10 image, you'll notice the 100m squares, resampled to 30m pixels

See this for reference

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